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Constants used by the GAMS Matlab API. More...

Public Member Functions

 Globals (varargin)
 Construct a new Globals instance.

Static Public Member Functions

static logical isOctave ()
 Returns true if environment is Octave and not Matlab.

Public Attributes

gams.control.globals.ArchType archType
 (read only) architecture
gams.control.globals.OSType OSType
 (read only) operating system
string scratchFilePrefix
 (global) A (modifiable) file prefix used for automatically generating files
string workingDirectory
 (global) A (modifiable) working directory
string workingDirectoryPrefix
 (global) A (modifiable) directory prefix used for creating temporary directory

Static Public Attributes

 GAMS Checkpoint file extension (".g00")
static final string CP_NAME_PREFIX
 Prefix file name for a Checkpoint ("gcp")
static final string DB_NAME_PREFIX
 Prefix file name for a Database ("gdb")
static final string EMPTY_STRING
 empty String
static final string FILE_SEPARATOR
 Platform dependent file separator ("\" on windows and "/" on UNIX)
static final string GAMS_CALLSTR
 GAMS Call string ("gams")
static final string GAMS_FILE_EXTENSION
 GAMS file extension (".gms")
static final string GDX_FILE_EXTENSION
 GDX file extension (".gdx")
static final string JOB_NAME_PREFIX
 Prefix file name for a Job ("gjo")
static final string LINE_SEPARATOR
 Platform dependent line separator (e.g. "\n" on UNIX)
static final string LOG_FILE_EXTENSION
 GAMS default log file extension (".log")
static final integer MAX_NO_IDIR
 Maximum input directories allowed, currently 40.
static final integer MAXDIM
 Maximum dimension allowed, currently 20.
static final string MI_NAME_PREFIX
 Prefix file name for a ModelInstance ("gmi")
static final string OPT_FILE_EXTENSION
 OPT file extension (".opt")
static final string OS_NAME
 Operating system name.
static final string OUTPUT_FILE_EXTENSION
 GAMS default listing file extension (".lst")
static final string PARAMETER_FILE_EXTENSION
 GAMS parameter file extension (".pf")
static final string PATH_SEPARATOR
 Platform dependent path separator (";" on windows and ":" on UNIX)
static final integer STR_LEN
 Maximum length of String allowed, currently 256.
static final string WINDOW_EXEC_EXTENSION
 Default windows execution file extension (".exe")

Detailed Description

Constants used by the GAMS Matlab API.

These constants include equation subtype, variable subtype, solver termination conditions, model solution status, and update action.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Globals()

matlab.gams.control.Globals.Globals ( varargin  )

Construct a new Globals instance.

A Globals instance is only needed to access the public attributes (e.g. scratchFilePrefix).

Return: instance of Globals

Member Data Documentation

◆ workingDirectory

string matlab.gams.control.Globals.workingDirectory

(global) A (modifiable) working directory

Default value: java io's temporary directory, System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir"). It will be used as parent directory of Workspace's working directory in case the working directory is not specified by user.